About us

We started in 2015 with the idea of making a difference in the way recruitment is done. The goal was to leverage intelligence and automation in recruitment. When we started we did not have an idea of what the end product would look like. The first couple of years was spent in finding the right product market fit, in addition to building the core technology of an intelligent profile search and matching engine.

After two years and three iterations we settled on "sourcing automation" as the area of focus. Our goal is to be the best in class sourcing automation tool out there. Our choice of focusing on this niche has allowed our clients to leverage sourcing automation and making it work with their exisitng recruitment tool with pre-built zero effort integration.

We are a angle funded company, continuing to be a boot-strapped as we grow organically with customers seeing value in what we provide. We are a small team of 10, with the engineering team working out of Bangalore and the Business development team working out of Boston and Bangalore serving the US, Canada and India markets.

Brief summary of our timeline

  1. Company started

    We started as a small team of 3 engineers founded by Shiva, with some angel funding.

  2. First 2 iterations of the product

    passive candidate search - It was a tool to find passive candidates for a requirement from anywhere online. The market rejected the tool very quickly (Talk to us if you want to know why)

    Recruitment marketplace - A marketplace connecting companies to recruiters. The product quickly gained traction, but it was clear that the solution was less of a tech product and more a operation rich one, which did not align with our goals.

  3. Launch of our sourcing automation tool

    Our initial focus was to help companies build their in-house database and leveraging that in the future. It was clear from the onset we had found our product market fit even though we had a long way to go.

  4. Launch of Hirewand unified search automation

    Our customers now had a unified search app across all their job boards and their internal database. We knew we were on the right path, albeit still at the start of the journey.

  5. onboarded our 10th enterprise customer (1000+ recruiters)

    The team continues to enhance and refine the product based on customer feeback.

  6. Onboarded our 40th enterprise customer (5000+ recruiters)

    We continue to scale and build an enterprise class product that now scales at 1000+ new recruiters every week.