Find quality candidates from incoming resumes, your existing pool of profiles and external sources. Automate candidate interest check, preference match, recruiter followup and more

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Build their own candidate database

Every resume ever received is parsed and stored as an insightful, searchable profile in a database. Now you can put in time and effort to pro-actively grow your internal database assured of being able to leverage it for future recruitment. This database is now your competitive edge.

Automated, Intelligent screening at scale

HireWand BOT acts as a recruiter's virtual assistant, finding quality candidates from your candidate pool for every new requirement. The requirements are automatically picked from your existing ATS or created by the recruiter. Leverage your database to the fullest without any quality candidate falling through the cracks.

Automated candidate interest check

HireWand virtual assistant reaches out to the candidates checking if they are interested in the opportunity. Candidate preferences such as location, salary preference are gathered and matched with the requirement. Only Quality, interested and pre-screened candidates are surfaced to the recruiter.

Automated filtering and retargeting

HireWand BOT matches every incoming profile with the current active requirements. Automatic reach out to quality candidates gathering additional information for preference match and interest check before notifying the recruiter. No candidate falls through the cracks irrespective of the incoming volume of resumes or the number of active requirements.

Virtual assistance to the recruiter

A pro active virtual assistant notifying, reminding and helping the recruiter take the candidate through the recruiting pipeline. Make an informed descision on the next steps, with summarized profile information, candidate preference details, match notes and past history all made available in a clean intutive desktop application

Assisting and supercharging your sourcing

With HireWand Chrome Assist tools you can tag, tag and attach an interesting candidate to your requirement directly from your browser in seconds. In addition HireWand's search assistant tool can search across the various resume portals to find the best fit canddiate with the click of a button. Go even further if you need to check for interest and preference match from the candidates automatically.