Hirewand is an automation software that works, with ZERO overhead for recruiters.
Auto-save every profile to build a searchable in-house database.

Profiles viewed by recruiter, received on mail, received on career pages, from social postings, from referrals and from vendors are added to a searchable in-house database.

This database becomes your asset for future hiring, one that you can grow and nurture over time.

Avoid duplicate spend on job boards.

Hirewand warns recruiters before they open profiles on job boards which are already in the companies in-house database. Within the job board page itself the recrutier can view the profile details from the in-house database.

Our customers save more than 30% of their job board spend with this feature

Get additional leads for your searches from your in-house database

Hirewand watches every single search that a recruiter does and suggests candidates from the in-house database for their searches.

Our customers get 35%+ additional leads from Hirewand suggested candidates, at no additional cost or effort.

Consolidated search across all your sources

A single search in hirewand translates to searches in your internal database and across every one of the job boards you have access to.

Avoid switching between job boards by leveraging our intelligent search to pull up the best candidates across all sources in a single place. This allows recruiters to leverage all sources and the in-house database to the fullest, rather than fall back to a single job board for all their searches.

Automate the search to continue for as long as required

Hirewand keeps the search going for as long as required. All the channels can be searched every few hours or once in a day, your choice.

Be informed when a new matching candidate comes up on any of the job boards or through any other channel such as responses to job ads, social postings, your career site or more. With hirewand keeping the lookout you never miss a good lead, with zero effort.

Automate the reachout to candidates to check for interest and preference

Hirewand reaches out automatically to candidates through mail and sms to check for interest in specific jobs.

Additional preference information is gathered by Hirewand automated chat from interested candidates. This works for web chat, sms chat and whatsapp chat. All with zero effort from the recruiter