Unearthing hidden talent

Automate the finding of excellent fit, interest elicited candidates
from your existing and incoming resumes.
While you focus on the human elements of hiring.

Constantly looking out to fulfil your talent needs?

All profile databases market every profile to multiple companies. There is no focus on candidates who are intrested and are fit for your brand. The consequence is higher cost, lower qualtiy and delayed hiring.

You are missing the talent in your own repository.

Grow your own repository of profiles and tap into it for your requirements. You will find this respository to be your best source of profiles, both active and engaged passive candidates.


Is a virtual assistant working for you 24/7

Filtering every incoming resume, tagging it to the right requirement and reminding the recruiter to take action.

Finding you the best profiles from your own database for every new requirement.

Reaching out to excellent fit candidates to check for their interest in the job and for a preference match.

Tracking and reminding the recruiters to take action on the right candidates, without ever missing a good candidate.

Growing your candidate pool by collecting resumes viewed, received and downloaded by your recruiters.

Grow your own candidate repository and leverage it with

Source better
and hire faster
Power to look
Easy plug and play
Effortless talent identification
and engagement
No manual intervention
and effort
Intelligent AI

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