How it works


Auto save of profiles

Hirewand automatically saves every resume ever received in a searchable database for you, from across all sources such as job boards, mail boxes, responses to job ads etc.,

This database is your competitive edge. Put in time and effort to pro-actively grow this database assured of being able to leverage it for future recruitment.


Automated candidate sourcing

Let Hirewand find the best candidates for your requirements from your internal database and across your job boards. All with a single click and backed by our intelligent search powered by AI.

The recruiter shortlists from the suggested quality candidates, saving them hours of screening and sourcing time. We have seen recruiter productivity improve by more than 6X leveraging Hirewand.


Automated screening and re-targeting

Hirewand screens every new profile that gets added to the job boards and internal database against active requirements. The appropriate recruiter is notified when a matching candidate is found.

No time is spent by the recruiter on repeated searches, with Hirewand doing it for them. The recruiter only needs to review and shortlist from the screened candidates ensuring no quality candidate slips through while also saving time and the drudgery of repeated searches.


Automatic interest and preference check

Hirewand reaches out to candidates to check for their interest in a job and if their preferences matches that of the requirement such as salary, location etc.,.

Recruiters need to only deal with active, interest elicited, preference matched candidates. They dont need to wade through un-interested candidates or those whose preference does not match that of the job.


Reduce spending on job board views

Hirewand's Recruitment assistant chrome plugin watches recruiter activitties on the various job boards and warns them before they download profiles which are already present in the company database.

Our customers save thousands of dollars every month simply be avoiding duplicate downloads. The recruiters are shown the contact details and the resume view from the internal database.


Assisting the recruiter at every step

With Hirewand extensions recruiters can attach the candidate to a requirement, take them through the pipeline and attach notes against the profile directly from the browser as they are work on the job boards or any other sites.
The recruiter never has to switch back and forth between the various sites they source from to a different software to manage the recruitment process.