Recruitment automation software
Automate more than 80% of your sourcing and recruitment workflows with Hirewand. This includes filtering of best fit applied candidates, reaching out to candidates already in your system all the way to automation of the onboarding process.
The recruiter is left with time for the more meaningful human conversation. At the same time increase recruitment productivity by more than 3X.
Leverage automation for faster, better quality hiring at lower cost.
Trusted by over 5000 recruiters to manage more than 20 million resumes
Supercharging your recruitment through automation
Screen incoming profiles
Hirewand screens every incoming profile, to pull up and rank the best fit candidates for you. Hirewand matching algorithm ranks the candidate based on fitment and preference match and filters out candidates who are not a good match for the job.
Hirewand funnels candidates from every possible source be it from job boards, job ad responses, career site, referrals, vendors or more.
The consolidated, ranked and parsed profiles presented in a consistent clean view makes it trivial for the recruiters to quickly shortlist and start candidate engagement.
Workflow automation
Leverage Hirewand automation at every step along the candidate journey. Imagine an automated assessment with the candidates, setting up of a schedule for interview and more, all with no human intervention.
Automate continuous engagement with your clients, candidates, recruiters and other stakeholders through the whole recruitment lifecycle.
Sourcing automation
Hirewands automates the sourcing of profiles across channels such job boards, internal database, job ads, referrals, vendors, career portal or any other channel you are using.
Hirewand match and filtering of profiles based on fitment and preference match improves recruiter productivity by more than 3X.
Build and leverage your talent pool
Profiles viewed by the recruiter, received on mail, from career page, social postings, referrals, vendors or any other channel are added to a searchable in-house database.
This database becomes your asset for future hiring, one that you can grow and nurture over time.
Candidate engagement
Hirewand chat bot captures the preference of candidates interested in a job and compares it with the job requirement.
Candidates whose preference does not match the job requirement are screened out, saving time for the recruiter to focus on the best fit, interested and preference matched candidates.
Integrate with your existing tools
Hirewand can be used as a stand alone software or can be integrated with your existing softwares. Hirewand seamlessly works with your existing softwares to leverage automation across them, be it your ATS, job boards, assessment tools, calendar or more.
You do not have to replace your existing in-house software to take advantage of automation.
Analytics and insights
Actionable insights to help improve the quality of hiring across all levels is made available to the recruiters, managers and the CXOs.
Insights along with analytics are sent to the recruiters all the way to the CXOs.
Increasing diversity and reducing bias
Hirewands algorithms have been designed to avoid picking up any existing unconscious biases in the hiring process.
It is agnostic to age, gender, ethnicity, geography and other bias-triggering factors. You also get tools to help you with diversity hiring.
Enterprise ready
SSO for a unified enterprise login, 99.99% uptime, Security and vulnerability tested for enterprises, private cloud setup etc., are few of the capabilities you get as part of an enterprise setup.
Job board productivity
Hirewand Assistant, a chrome extension helps recruiters increase productivity on job boards by assisting with direct action on the profiles, suggesting similar profiles from your in-house talent pool and avoiding spend on profiles already in the in-house talent pool.
Saving you cost across the board
Hirewand saves you cost on your job board spends, your vendor and also through efficiency in your hiring process.
Our clients see across the board reduction in cost of more than 20% in addition to the efficiency and quality improvements.
A career site with built in intelligence
Your own customized career page, with an embedded chatbot to collect additional screening information from the candidates.
Automatically screen out candidates who are not a match and surface only fit candidates whose preference match that of the job.