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When our clients open up their requirement to vendors on the platform you can service the clients.

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When a company opens up their requirement you will be notified with the details of the requirement and the offered fee


You can choose to service that requirement or to ignore it based on your preference and specialization


Along with the notification HireWand also pulls up all the profiles in your database which are potential fits for this requirement


You focus on the human aspects of hiring - calling up the candidate to check for interest, CTC fit and additional information required


On pushing the profile to the firm you will be informed of the candidate progress through the hiring pipeline


If candidate being is hired the offered price is collected by HireWand 30 days from the date of joining of the candidate


The received payment, after deducting 15% as service charge by HireWand will be transferred to your account within 5 days of payment receipt


Q) What if the client refuses to pay after hiring my candidate?
A) We will mediate if there is a conflict, potentially talking to you, the company and the candidate. Once we ascertain the validity of the claim we would represent the recruiter and push for the firm to pay up. If they don't, they would be disallowed from any further transactions on the HireWand network till they make your payment. But please do note that we do not guarantee payment if the client refuses to pay even after being removed from the network.
Q) Do you do anything beyond this conflict resolution to ensure my interests are protected?
A) Yes, we will build quality rating data for the company based on how quickly they have made payments in the past, feedbacks from other recruiters etc., This can help you pick the right companies to service. Note: This feature will not be available in the beta version of the HireWand.