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Why we built HireWand

We have been asked this question a lot. There are so many recruitment solutions out there, so why did we built another one?

The recruitment process itself has multiple stages within it. There are many solutions out there attempting to provide value at the various stages. The gap that we found was in manual screening of resumes. Interestingly the stages before (sourcing) and the stages after (recruitment process management) have a robust set of solutions out there, but for the screening stage the dependency is exclusively on manual effort.

Inability to leverage technology in screening has consequences that go beyond just recruiter's wasted time. Firms are unable to use already existing quality resumes from being effectively used for the next requirement. Every requirement starts off a new cycle of sourcing, which is both un-necessary and in-efficient when a firm already have quality profiles who are better fit for their type of organization type and requirement compared to the generic databased in the market. In addition firms do not leverage profiles received through job ads, career site or those downloaded by other team members of the recruiter who owns the specific requirement. All of this leads to lost quality candidates, delayed hiring, higher cost to hire and in efficiency.

Our mission is to fill this gap. We are a a simple to use solution for finding the most relevant candidates for your requirements without every missing a good match.

As we launched the product we realized quickly enough we are also a platform that can be leveraged by other recruitment solutions to enhance their capability, especially existing ATS solutions. Hence we also launched out Platform as a Service offering (PaaS) that provides a quality resume parser and a search API service that can be integrated within any recruitment solution to leverage the capability HireWand within their products.

Our goal is to improve the recruitment eco system by focussing on our capability to convert the resume into a structured profile and providing search over it. We are happy to work with any other product in the eco-system to enhance these capabilities within their solutions. Please feel free to talk to us if you are building a recruitment product.

Is HireWand an ATS?

We are not an ATS. But we get compared to an ATS since every ATS in the market claim to have search within them.

When an ATS claims they support search, they usually mean a keyword search or a simplistic ML based search that treats the whole resume to be a text blob. HireWand does neither. Our parser first converts a resume into a fully structured version of the candidate, pulling up the candidates experiences and projects in as much granularity as possible. It then analyzes the various skills as any human recruiter would do and summarizes the various expertise/skills of the candidate. In addition HireWand also builds additional insights about the candidate such as the job function, industry, tier of college and much more. With this insighful version of the profile HireWand matches it with the requirement to pull up the most relevant candidats for a requirement. HireWands consistent, summarized and insighful view of the profile also makes it a breeze for the recruiter to shortlist the candidate.

None of this is possible within a regular ATS. ATSes are very useful to manage the recruitment but not they do not help you find, filter and screen candidates.

Is AI our differentiation?

HireWand uses AI at various stages during the conversion of a resume into a insightful profile and search. Having said that we believe the value we bring to the table is not based on the algorithm that we use, but based on our success in high relevancy of the candidate we find for a requirement and the ease with which you can screen and shortlist.

We test the relevancy of our results regularly with real recruiters who specialize in their own domains. We keep our relevancy numbers consistently above 80%. AI or no AI this is our real measure of success.

Do you have any more queries for us, please feel free to ping me at shiva.maran@hirewand.com

Thanks and Regards,
Shiva Maran